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Denise T., Tempe, AZ
Mathina is amazing! She really knows her craft inside and out. She has the ability to heal through physical touch as well as holistically. I definitely recommend Mathina for your next service. She will send you home feeling wonderful and also give you "homework" to continue the healing until your next visit.

Bob N., Tempe, AZ
I have received massages from Mathina for two years.  She is a good listener at the outset of the meeting; and then, when she starts to work, she has an innate ability to read the body and sense the energy in order to find the issue at its source.  She is strong and persistent enough to work out tough knots and problems; and, she is sensitive enough to ease tensions brought on by our busy lives if that's what is needed.  A truly excellent massage therapist.

Dan G., Alexandria, VA
I've seen massage therapists most of my life and can't say enough about Mathina.  The extensive training she has pursued has given her a depth of knowledge that has expanded her ability to ignite healing in ways I've never experienced.  Just AWESOME!!!

Margo N.
, Tempe, AZ
Mathina has been helping my husband, my son, my daughter-in-law, my daughter and me for about a year now. Our whole family has benefited greatly from her gift.  Her manner is always caring and calming.  There are people who can give decent relaxing massages. Then there are those who are truly gifted at reading your bodies needs and delivering the specific massage methods which will deliver the most benefit....Mathina is the latter of these.  She is not just giving a massage.  She is in tune with what she is massaging, and what your needs are and she zeros in on the problem area.  There are times when I will say, I feel fine other than my heel.  It really hurts.  She will find the issues in my ankle and calf and really work on that, since that is what is causing the pain in the heel. There are those who would just massage the heel and not be concerned with the actual issue. 

Mathina cares.  That caring (along with her training) is what creates the specialness of her gif of healing massage.  She has recently moved into her own practice after being with a large corporation.  We are definitely excited about her move.  This office is far more relaxing and the energy much more conducive to relaxation.  We all recommend her highly.

E M., Tempe, AZ
The woman is a tactile sorceress. I do aerial arts and am constantly giving my muscles something to complain about, but I go to Mathina and it's as though she takes each muscle aside, gives it a stern but soothing attitude adjustment, and puts it back the way it belongs. I used to drive up to the fancy spas in Paradise Valley and pay hundreds of dollars for massages, and none of them ever left me in as good a condition as Mathina does. She even fixed my faulty TMJ - I lived with it for twenty years, and she eradicated it in two sessions. It's sorcery I tell you, the best sorcery ever.