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About Mathina
Being of service is my deepest passion.  Throughout my career journey, I chose different industries to express my desire.  During the first three years of my career, I worked in the medical industry as a Certified Nursing Assistant in hospice and palliative care nursing homes.   That experience helped me develop compassion, empathy and a strong awareness of intrinsic value of providing care brings to those in distress.

From there, I switched industries training to be a Licensed Cosmetologist helping people develop an appreciation of their inherent and natural beauty.  On my adventure abroad, by relocating for a time to Japan, I learned skills of service as a theater makeup artist and teaching children conversational English realizing thereby my passion for teaching.  On my return stateside, I accepted a position as manager of Children’s Beauty Salon, specializing in helping developmentally challenged children.  Here I learned the essential importance of clear, concise and informative communication, as well as developing the practice of exceptional customer service to insure the well-being of my clients.

Finally I found my true calling by following my dream of attending the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) where I graduated receiving the 1000 hour Master Massage Practitioner Diploma. At SWIHA, I learned to incorporate many healing techniques in my massage therapy practice.   Now all my clients benefit from my refined skills in rehabilitative, relaxation and energy based therapies.   I’m able to offer my clients numerous options to build together the best program to facilitate their healing process.  Everyone heals differently and there are many paths to choose on our healing journeys.   My mission through continued education is to enhance my proficiency in the art of healing the whole person:  body, mind and spirit.